Can a lease be reported as late to the credit bureaus?

Can a lease be reported as late to the credit bureaus?

Yes, you may mark a lease as over 30 days late in our system.  The lease history will only be reported to the credit bureaus if:
- The tenant(s) have completed the registration process and are still associated to the lease in our system.
- The set-up fee has been paid so payment history for the lease is being reported.

1. Log in to your PaymentReport profile.
2. Select Reporting from the main menu.
3. Select the View icon  for the Month/Year reporting record you would like to update.
4. In the Report section select the Change Status icon next to the Status field.
5. Select the overall Lease Status corresponding to the Lease Status as of that Month/Year.  (See below for an example)
6. Select Confirm.  

Please note the Lease Status is for the overall lease status as of that date, not just how late the payment is for the current month.

For example, if the tenant has not paid the January payment you would mark February as Past Due (30-59) and leave January as Current (0-30) because as of February 1st the lease is over 30 days late.  As of March 1st if the tenant still has not paid the January payment you would mark March as "Past Due 60-89" because as of March the lease is over 60 days late. 

You would enter the new status until the January payment was paid, such as:
January: Current (0-30) because at the beginning of January the lease was not over 30 days late yet .  
February: Past Due 30-59
March: Past Due 60-89
April: Past Due 90-119

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