Connect to your Bank Account using Plaid

Connect to your Bank Account using Plaid

1. Log in to your PaymentReport profile.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Select the Connect to Your Bank button.

Note: If the Connect to your Bank button is not visible, please refresh the page if you recently added a Monthly Lease record.  If you do not have a Monthly Lease added, you will not be able to use the Bank Verification option for Flat-Fee Lease records.  

4. Select Continue when prompted with the Plaid welcome screen.

5. Select your bank.  

6. Enter your bank login information and select Submit.  

7. Complete any verification steps required by your bank.
8. Select Continue when the Plaid connection has completed.

9. When you are returned to the Settings page, select Import Transactions to import your bank data.

Note: It may take a few minutes for Plaid to import your full transaction history.  Initially, only the past 30 days may be available and after a few minutes the rest of your history should be available.  

10.  You may now go to the Dashboard to select Verify Payments to verify any Unverified Payment records.  

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