Do you report late payments?

Do you report late payments?

Per the agreements with our partner credit bureaus we are required to report both positive and negative information, if present, for each account.  If the landlord/property manager enters a late payment status for a lease the information will be reported to our partner credit bureaus.
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    • How do I add a Late Fee to an outstanding payment?

      1. Log in to your PaymentReport profile. 2. Select Payments from the main menu or on the Dashboard select the Past Due, Due Today, or Due Within 30 Days links in the "You have unverified payments" section to be taken directly to a list of unverified ...
    • Do you report ongoing payments as well?

      Yes, after the set-up fee is processed to report your past payment history you may also report ongoing payments.  There is no additional cost for the ongoing reporting as that is included with the set-up fee.
    • Which credit bureaus do you report to?

      We currently report to:        Experian Based on prior discussions with Experian they do not currently allow "offline" payments, which are payments we do not electronically process, to be reported through RentBureau.  If Experian does allow the ...
    • Can a lease be reported as late to the credit bureaus?

      Yes, you may mark a lease as over 30 days late in our system.  The lease history will only be reported to the credit bureaus if: - The tenant(s) have completed the registration process and are still associated to the lease in our system. - The set-up ...
    • How do I view the payment history for my lease?

      1. Log in to your PaymentReport profile. 2. Select Payments from the main menu. 3. Payments that have not been verified by your property manager or landlord will have a False iconin the Verification column.  4. Payments that have been verified as ...