Do you report ongoing payments as well?

Do you report ongoing payments as well?

Yes, we report both past history and ongoing payments you make in the future.  
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    • Which credit bureaus do you report to?

      We currently report to:         
    • Do you report late payments?

      Per the agreements with our partner credit bureaus we are required to report both positive and negative information, if present, for each account.  If the landlord/property manager enters a late payment status for a lease the information will be ...
    • How do I view the payment history for my lease?

      1. Log in to your PaymentReport profile. 2. Select Leases from the main menu. 3. Click your existing Lease record. 4. The Verified Payment History section will display the verified payments. If your property manager or landlord added the Lease ...
    • How do I use the Verification Wizard to verify past payments?

      Note:  You may use both the Bank Verification and Proof of Payment Upload options to verify your full lease history.  Verify as many payments with the Bank Verification option as that is the quickest way to verify payments.  For any payments you ...
    • How do I filter the Payment records displayed?

      1. Log in to your PaymentReport profile. 2. Select Payments from the main menu. 3. Unverified payments will have a False iconin the Verification column. 4. Click on the Filter icon  in the top-right of the window. 5. You may filter the records on the ...