How do you pay the set-up fee?

How do you pay the set-up fee?

In order to activate reporting for your lease please follow the steps below:

(Note: You will not be able to pay the set-up fee unless at least one payment has been verified as received by the property manager/landlord and the payment due date is within the past 24 months.  We can only report payments for the current month or within the past 24 months.  You will receive a message of "No reports covered" if there are no verified payments or the verified payment due dates are not within the past 24 months.)

1. Log in to your PaymentReport profile.
2. Select Reporting from the main menu.  
3. Select the Pay for Reporting button  in the top-right of the window.
4. Select the Lease.
6. Select "Setup" for the Charge Type option.
7. Enter your Credit Card Number, Expiration, and CVC Code
8. Select Confirm.  

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