How to enter Payment Schedules for a Lease

How to enter Payment Schedules for a Lease

Add the payment details for the lease, starting with the Start Date of the lease through the end date or select "No End Date" if the lease is month-to-month, so we may report the full payment history of the lease.

Steps (Payment Schedules section while adding a lease): 
1. Select the Add icon  to add at least one Payment Schedule.
2. Select Yes or No for the Recurring option.  For one-time payments that are due, such as for a Security Deposit or Pro-Rated Rent Payment select No.
3. Select the Schedule type, for Recurring.
4. Select the Payment Type, such as Rent Payment.
5. Select the Start Date for Recurring and Payment Due Date for One-time payments.
6. Select the No End Date option if the lease does not have an End Date, for Recurring.
7. Enter the Number of Payments, for Recurring with an End Date.
8. Enter the Amount.
9. Select Save.
10. Select the Add icon  to enter additional Payment Schedule records, or select the Next button 

- Enter the Start Date of the lease, even if the Start Date is not within the past 24 months, as we will report the Start Date of the lease for the "Credit History" portion of the tenant's credit file.  
- If the payment amount changed over the course of the lease, enter multiple payment schedules under the same Lease record instead of creating separate Lease records in our system.  For example, if the first year of the lease was $1000.00 and the second year was $1100.00, add two Payment Schedules under the same Lease:

Schedule #1:
Start Date: 01/01/2020
Number of Payments: 12
Amount: $1000.00

Schedule #2:
Start Date: 01/01/2021
Number of Payments: 12
Amount: $1100.00

- If the lease is month-to-month or there is no End Date, select "No End Date" when adding the Payment Schedule and a new payment record will be generated by our system each month.
- Do not use the current date as the Start Date if there is any payment history for the Lease as we report up to 24 months of payment history, which affects the "Payment History" section of the tenant's credit file.  

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