Cost to report rent payments to credit bureaus

What are the fees to use your service?

We offer two pricing options based on whether the tenant will use bank data to verify the lease payment history.  If the tenant is not able to connect to Plaid to verify payment history, we recommend the Flat-Fee option that does require landlord/property manager involvement to review the lease details.  

Monthly Fee (Bank Verified Payments):
Set-Up Fee:                   $0
Ongoing Reporting:      $2.95/month
Past Reporting:             $0.50/month
Additional Roommates or Spouse: Free*
*If roommate or spouse submits payments through a separate bank account, a separate Monthly Plan would be required.
Bank Verification (Plaid): Yes
Billing: Initial invoice billed approximately 15 days after registration and then every 3 months for any reported months.  If no reporting occurs, there are no fees charged for that month.  

If there are between 1-4 Past Reporting months on an invoice, a $2.00 service fee will be added.  

The current month would be considered Ongoing Reporting and any prior months would be included in the Past Reporting pricing.  For example, if you registered in April then April would be billed at $2.95 and any past payments, such as March, at $0.50.  

Flat-Fee (Landlord/Property Manager Verified):
For each lease, the set-up fee is required to activate the reporting and report past payment history, up to 24 months.  We do not charge a separate fee to report past payment history as that is included with the set-up fee.  

Set-Up Fee: $49.00
Ongoing Reporting: Included
Past Reporting: Included
Additional Roommates or Spouse: Free
Bank Verification (Plaid): No

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