What if PaymentReport is not appearing on my credit report?

What if PaymentReport is not appearing on my credit report?

Confirm Reporting:
First, please use the articles below to confirm the Month/Year has been verified and reported and that the set-up fee has been paid to enable reporting if using the Property Manager Verification option.  If the record has not been reported yet, the Reporting record will list the estimated reporting date for the record.  

Please allow 1-2 weeks after the reporting date for the information to appear on your credit report in order to allow time for the bureau(s) to post the information to your file.

SSN Entry:
Second, if you have not entered our SSN in the Settings section please enter your SSN.  Your SSN will then be included with the next payment history we report for you.  

Note: Updating your SSN will not trigger a new reporting event.  You must verify a new payment on your Lease so that an update, with your SSN included, is sent to our partner credit bureaus.  

Depending on the service you are using to view your credit report, our tradeline should be listed with a company name of "PaymentReport" as an "Open" tradeline and it may appear under the "Other Loans" or "Other Account" section.  

Check Directly with Bureaus:
If you are using a third-party service, please ensure the service has refreshed your credit file data recently.  We recommend checking directly with Equifax or TransUnion to confirm the information has been reported.  

Other Recommendations:
Please log in and go to Settings to ensure your Legal First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name are correct.  Entering your middle name also helps the credit bureaus match up our report to your file.  

Note: We recommend entering your SSN and wait for a new file to be sent by our service before you call the bureaus.  

If you report without your SSN and the credit bureaus cannot match your credit existing file, a separate credit file may be created for your current address, first name, last name, and birth date without a SSN.  

To merge your existing credit file with the new credit file created by our reporting, please contact the bureaus at:

Equifax:  888-407-0359, option 1
TransUnion:  800-916-8800

If you call, please let them know you believe there are two separate credit files, one with your SSN and one without your SSN.  The bureaus may need to search on your name or current address to locate both.  You will ask the bureaus to merge the two files so our information appears on your existing credit file.  

Call Bureaus:
If you have completed all of the steps above, you may also call the bureaus using the numbers above to confirm the information has posted to your credit file.  This will confirm the reporting of the information and if the service you are using to check your credit does not have the most recent data.  If the bureaus are not able to confirm the reporting, please open a Support ticket so we may assist.  

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