What is required to register?

What is required to register?

Note: We offer two registration options:
1. Tenant Self-Registration - The tenant will enter the property and lease details within our system.  The landlord/property manager will only need to confirm the information is correct.  Please see the Related Links section below for utilizing this option.
2. Landlord/Property Manager Registration - The landlord/property manager will enter the property and lease details along with providing the verification documents required for our review process. 

This article only applies to the second option where the landlord/property manager would like more involvement with the registration and verification process.   

An overview, along with related articles, of the registration steps for a property manager or landlord:

1. Create a profile on PaymentReport.com

2. Add a property record.

3. Verify the ownership of the property record.

4. Add a lease for the property. (Note: We can only report 24 months of past history, however you may add the full payment history of the lease as we report the Start Date of the lease to the bureaus).

5. Verify the lease by uploading the lease or the first page of the lease.

6. Verify payments received from the tenant(s) once one or more tenants accept the lease invitation through his or her PaymentReport profile.

7. The tenant will then submit a payment for the reporting fee.

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      In order to activate a lease record, you must upload a signed copy of your lease record.  If the entire lease exceeds our file limit, please upload the first page of the lease instead.   Related Links: How do I complete the verification of a new ...
    • What documents are required to activate a company profile?

      If you have a company profile, such as for an LLC, you must upload a company document, such as the Articles of Incorporation or Operating Agreement, in order to activate the company profile.  You may upload just the first page if the document exceeds ...
    • What documents are required to activate a new property?

      In order to activate a property record you must upload Proof of Ownership, such as a deed, closing document, etc., within your online profile. Some of the documents we will consider: First Page of Closing document. Warranty or Quitclaim Deed for ...
    • Does the landlord/property manager need to be involved?

      We offer two registration options based on the level of involvement preferred by the landlord/property manager: Option #1 - Tenant Self-Registration: - The tenant will enter the property information, lease details, and upload a copy of the lease to ...
    • What is the cost as a landlord or property manager?

      There is no cost to register with our service.  The tenants will pay for the reporting fee, however you may choose to pay for the reporting fee if you prefer.