Rent Reporting to Credit Bureaus

Which credit bureaus do you report to?

We currently report to:

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    • What if PaymentReport is not appearing on my credit report?

      First, please use the articles below to confirm the Month/Year has been verified and reported and that the set-up fee has been paid to enable reporting if using the Property Manager Verification option.  If the record has not been reported yet, the ...
    • Do you report late payments?

      Per the agreements with our partner credit bureaus we are required to report both positive and negative information, if present, for each account.  If the landlord/property manager enters a late payment status for a lease the information will be ...
    • Can a lease be reported as late to the credit bureaus?

      Yes, you may mark a lease as over 30 days late in our system.  The lease history will only be reported to the credit bureaus if: - The tenant(s) have completed the registration process and are still associated to the lease in our system. - The set-up ...
    • How much will my credit score change?

      We cannot predict how much your credit score will change as everyone is different, such as a person with a "thin-file" compared to someone with more credit history.   Our reporting should build the following areas of your credit file: - Payment ...
    • Do you report ongoing payments as well?

      Yes, we report both past history and ongoing payments you make in the future.