Why was the Lease rejected and not approved?

Why was the Lease rejected and not approved?

If the Lease record you added is "Rejected" by our company and not approved, it indicates we do not have enough information to validate the lease agreement and rental payments or the Lease record no longer meets our reporting requirements. 

We are required to conduct additional research besides reviewing the information you provide so other factors may have resulted in the decision.  We are not able to share all of the factors that contributed to the decision.  

If the Lease was initially approved but later set to Rejected, the Lease no longer meets our current reporting requirements.  Additional information will be required in order to continue reporting for a Lease that was updated to Rejected.  

To activate the Lease or continue reporting for an updated Lease, please have the property manager/landlord provide additional information by uploading these three items to the Lease record, or open a ticket for assistance:

1. Additional identification, such as a government-issued ID, to confirm your identity as the property manager/landlord.
2. Proof of payments received for latest rental payment, such as a payment confirmation for the tenant's payment, bank statement showing the rental deposit, etc.  
3. Proof of Homeowner Insurance for rental property.

We will review the additional information to determine if we can approve the Lease, or if we will not be able to report for the lease if we do not have sufficient information.  

If we cannot approve the Lease, please see the articles below for other credit building options.  

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